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Delivering tomorrow’s news of Lane County, Oregon’s music scene today!

Lane County, Oregon’s first and only online magazine devoted exclusively to publishing reviews of local bands and live music venues.  Contact Laurel Hayles at The Club Circuit for more information regarding reviewing and promoting your band or club.

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  1. Mike Last says:

    Hi Laurel,

    This is Mike Last from the Stagger & Sway. Thanks a lot for the review of the Last Band Standing event last month!

    I wanted to give you a head’s up about our show at Sam Bond’s Garage next week (Thursday, June 2nd) … we’re playing with a great SF band called Or, the Whale. They’ve been garnering a LOT of acclaim since I last played with them in 2007, joining Nationally Tours with major label acts, and in my opinion, it’s been well earned.

    It should be a great show, so if you have any interest in reviewing this one, please let me know and I will make sure you are on the guest list ($7 cover).

    Thanks again, and enjoy this long weekend!


    • I’ll try to make that show Mike – thanks for the heads up!!

      • Karen Helms says:

        There is a local show put on once a month called Eugene Raw. Greg Gillispie, a local musician, puts on these MTV unplugged style shows. His band “Strange Dichotomy” hosts every show while he pulls in local rock/metal/punk or what ever bands (Last week it was a funk/hiphop band with a rapper doing lead vocals) and has them change it up a bit by doing an unplugged or acoustic set. They still play with effects and all but the lower volume set is more intimate and allows for a different vibe then their normal sets. Every show is different which leads to excitement and buzz on whom will play the next show. It really pushes local talent outside the box, to really play from the heart. Good stuff.

      • Sounds really interesting, Karen – thanks for the head’s up!! I have Greg’s individual FB page but can’t seem to find anything about the Eugene Raw shows except it looks like they are usually at Cosmic Pizza – and a few youtube videos… I will send Greg a note to see if I can get more info =)

  2. Karen Helms says:

    Thanks for listening. We need people like you to get the word out that there are good local bands right here and people need to go see them. I think you are doing a great service, thanks for that too!!! 🙂

  3. Hey Laurel,

    I really like what you’re doing here. Just a heads up though. You aren’t the only online mag. Exiled In Eugene has a blog to supplement their tangible zine. Updated daily with downloads or show coverage. But we got a big scene here and plenty of room for everyone, and we’re glad to see you guys here. More coverage is good for the growth/support our scene needs.

    Joshua Isaac Finch
    Editor, Exiled In Eugene Magazine

    • good to meet you, Joshua! Thanks for the note and intro =) I love what Exiled is doing as well, I just want to clarify that TCC’s coverage includes all of Lane County (so everything from Florence to Oakridge, Junction City to Cottage Grove) and also includes an “Out Of Bounds!” section where we review shows from Roseburg/Medford to PDX, rather than having Eugene as the primary focus (although I suspect Exiled doesn’t focus to the exclusion of any local bands!!). Hence the “Lane County’s first – and only – online music magazine” label. And it is published every week as a magazine column (rather than an ezine blog) so a little bit difference there (mostly semantics I suspect)… I just didn’t want you to think I was coming in stomping =) If you’d like, I can send you our schedule of where/when we’ll be each week and we can say hi!

  4. Josh says:

    Hi Laurel, great magazine. I’m curious how a band goes about getting reviewed.

    • thanks Josh! It’s easy – just let me know when your band is playing at one of our local venues – with enough advance notice, we can be sure to catch you! Be sure to subscribe to this (there’s an RSS feed at the top right corner of the page) – we’re also on Facebook, myspace, and ReverbNation =)

  5. Steve Ibach says:

    It was very nice to discover the existence of this site this afternoon. Nice little quip about Mulligans. Amblin, the guy who runs the open mic there is also hosting an open mic at the Maize Lounge every Monday night. It’s on E.13th between Willamette and Oak. I will be performing there this evening myself. Great job on this magazine. p.s. I you feel like it check out my music at… http://www.reverbnation.com/steveibach

    • thanks Steve! hope to be able to attend more than just weekend shows eventually (still trying to figure out how to do the one-person-in-more-than-one-place-at-one-time trick, if you have any ideas/suggestions on that maybe????)

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