Adventure Galley LIVE at Agate Alley Bistro – Saturday, 1/14/12

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Eugene Band Reviews, Spotlight

Adventure Galley – (David, Aaron, George, Jesse, Forrest, and Brock)

You know we have been waiting to see these guys live since we caught their very abbreviated partial show at WoW Hall with Jultopia’s for their CD release party (see – and at last our patience was rewarded.  And this was TCC’s first official venture into truly mobile format as well, so several firsts for this evening (including a new venue – see Spotlight below).  After a brief delay for setting up/tuning up/sound check, we were ready to get seriously crazy with these guys!

This set featured songs from their upcoming album, which continues their growth on synthesizers and lovely vocals, while the guitars and drums held a strong foundation – loved it!  All of their songs have so much going on, you hardly know where to start – three different keyboards, drums and lead with bass guitars keep everything lively, hopping and dancing.  Which, with a little coercion from the guys onstage, finally got the audience off their feet and out on the floor.

They give “dance party” a whole new definition – kind of etheric, with a healthy dose of pop, based on immensely talented musicians who take the standard and make it something unique to them.

The only thing I can say against the show was that it started entirely too late, and the sound was quite a bit louder than it really needed to be – but that’s it!

Find Adventure Galley on ReverbNation, FB, and their website here:

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(all photos courtesy Rachel Gargus / The Club Circuit)


Spotlight – Agate Alley Bistro (1461 East 19th Street, Eugene, OR)

I really didn’t know what to expect at this little bistro tucked up next to UofO’s campus – I’d heard good things about their food but it is difficult to run a live music show at a restaurant, honestly.  What works here is having separate rooms from the main bar that gives folks a chance to participate i f they want to or – or not, as the case may be.

The bistro is pretty, clean, and eclectic decorations which makes for a fun environment to hang out in regardless of what else is going on.  They have a full bar, a nice selection of brews on tap and a good wine selection as well as a gourmet menu of delectable food items.

One drawback was lighting (or the lack thereof).  Just can’t do much in a restaurant with lighting for a music show!  Call it mood lighting and all is well.


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