Saturday’s Post – FiveByFive at the Wandering Goat (12/10/11)

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Eugene Band Reviews
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Fivebyfive is:  Falon Hubbard (lead guitar/vox), James Giles (bass, backup vox), Matt DeBellis (drums)

After seeing this very young band perform a remarkable set last Fourth of July at Dexter Lake, I wanted to make sure to catch them in an actual club venue to get a basis of comparison.  What had struck me at the Dexter show was their energy and detailed work on vocals, guitars, and drums.  That kind of outside venue (especially when the performances are a backdrop to the celebration) doesn’t make for a very easy show, but they did a great job.  So I wanted to check out this recent show at Whittaker’s premier coffee establishment.

I wasn’t disappointed.  Falon’s vocals are strong and clear without coming across as forced in any way, and her lead and rhythm guitar combinations are quite outstanding.  I really liked the variety of styles in their songs on both originals and the covers they did.  It is so easy to take pop/punk and lock into one particular sound – this band doesn’t do that which is wonderful.

James on bass is a whirling dervish, bouncing and jumping and completely focused on his music.  He plays bass like a lead guitar, riffs running up and down that seem to take on a life of their own.  I especially liked when he did backup vocals with Falon – they didn’t just do harmonies but literally sang counterpoint melodies that were just perfect.

I also love Matt’s drum work, in particular the clear drum rolls throughout the songs.  His rhythms and flair definitely do more than just keep time for the rest of the group.

They were very creditable in their covers as well – Their performance of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” was very, very nice, and the Beatle’s “Helter Skelter” was just perfect.  Although the covers seemed to be a bit more difficult for them in terms of staying together in their timing – it is the only thing I have to say negative about their performance.  They have a tendency (especially on the covers) to start out a bit faster than they want to be, which they then have to adjust down resulting in a disjointed, muddy portion until everyone is back on track.  It happened more than once, so it wasn’t just a fluke, and it isn’t unusual – just something to be working on, guys.

Apart from that we absolutely loved this show and will certainly be picking up a copy of their CD – I can’t think of better material to dance to!  Find them at as well as FB and the normal spots.





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