Black Forest Fest Friday November 4, 2011 – 2 Grams Heavy / (Just) The Tip / Sol Riot Rock!!

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Eugene Band Reviews
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We were coming off a seriously long and nasty first week of November.  The skies were gray, the weather damp and cold.  Things definitely needed to get heated up – and then we hit the Black Forest!  It is always such a pleasure to see the club from across the street, we skipped across 11th and gratefully forced our way through the already full club just after 10pm.  It was a night full of loud music and great company, a perfect end to this nasty week!

And before I forget, let’s everyone give a HOT welcome to TCC’s newest team member, photographer Rachel Gargus.  Just coming back stateside after an extended residency in Japan, Rachel is cute and funny (but not single guys so PLEASE STOP HITTING ON HER ON YOUR WAY TO THE RESTROOM, RIGHT?!!)  ::grins::  anyways, Rae is multi-talented and a delight to work with – thanks for joining our team!!  (now we just have to get Rae a decent camera…)

First up – 2 Grams Heavy (Alex Koleber – drums, Travis Sanchez – guitar, Jesse Sanchez -bass, Paul Sanchez – guitar, ‘Steve-o’ Tuesday – vox)

     I’m not sure that we caught their actual opening song, we walked in as they were covering a Sublime number and I thought for a short time they were actually a cover band but no – they have a LOT of original material, especially for a very young band just started in 2011.  Self-styled as a “light metal/reggae” band, photographer Rae says, “they do it all!” and I think that pretty much sums it up.  We loved their energy and alternative style clothing of the lead singer especially (!!).  We were dancing in our seats (hard to write/take pictures while bouncing, ok?)  

I also really liked their cover of Rage’s “Killing In The Name” (and wondered if JTP was going to do it in their set as they usually do too) – and also noted that both Just The Tip and Sol Riot were there for the entire set – which favor was returned when they finished their set and stayed for the rest of the night to see both following bands.  I’ve heard it said that Eugene’s band scene can be a bit brutal and cut-throat, but honestly?  I’ve lived in a lot of cities and been involved in music for decades, and as far as I have seen Eugene has one of the most supportive industries around.  Anyone have anything to say against that???


Find 2 Grams Heavy on Facebook, ReverbNation, and the other normal places – we’ll be looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

Just The Tip (Jason “J” Schroeder – lead vocals / front, Ira Mazie – rhythm guitar / lead guitar, Justin Grado – lead guitar / rhythm guitar, Eric Lee – bass guitar, Malcolm Orr – drums / percussion)

Always fun to see these guys perform, we’d seen them most recently here at the Black Forest (reviewed 6/24/11) and at Dexter ( not reviewed July 4, 2011).  The Fourth show was definitely crazy, but tonight was a different kind of insanity!  I just like these guys, I have their debut album “Hero’s Journey” (and actually listen to it while I’m messing around my house).  I like their energy, and their vibe just makes everything copacetic.   Evidently they’ve dropped “Just” from their name and are now known as “The Tip” (ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies) so from this point forward we will refer to them as the latter. 

Jason was awesome as always on lead vox (with and without shirt).  Ira’s guitar work is flawless with Justin, and Eric’s base running smooth as silk with Malcolm’s drums give you a lovely sound.  If you haven’t seen these guys perform live you want to catch them next time you can, definitely.

It was also nice to not have the house sound blasting so loud that everyone was literally blown into the street – thank you!  And their cover close of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Give It Away” was addictive!


You know where to find these guys (Facebook, ReverbNation, etc.) – just know it’s a pale shadow of them live!!

Sol Riot (Jarryd Bishop / Brent Long / Isaac Stout / Cameron Carter) – please let me know if this is correct and who plays what???

Another very young and new Eugene band, just formed in 2011 as well, we saw them very briefly last month with This Patch Of Sky in a tiny Springfield venue and promised we would catch them the next time they played around here in a larger venue.  While The Black Forest may not be the world’s largest venue, it definitely qualified as bigger than the last place we saw them play (!!) so we were really looking forward to seeing these guys tonight. 

The club was still packed, with (as I mentioned earlier) 2 Grams and The Tip sticking around to hear and support these guys (duly noted, thank you!!) and these guys absolutely rocked the house!

     We absolutely loved the bass and drums – they run a killer R & B backdrop to the lead vocals.    I especially noticed the antiphonal melodies on the guitars with the different time signatures.  Some very advanced work from this band – we’ll continue to look forward to seeing them grow and develop their unique sound – a cross between The Killers and Black Keys, punk rock with a cause maybe?  What do you guys think???

Catch them on the usual channels, natch!


  1. ira says:

    Our new drummer’s name is Malcolm Orr.. great article.Thx for coming out!

  2. Steve-o says:

    thank you so much for the great review 🙂

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