we’re BACK!!!

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Editor's Notes

…having finally finished our relocation of TCC’s headquarters without committing suicide or homicide, we are happy to report that we are indeed BACK and ready to hit the circuit, touring Lane County in pursuit of the most amazing live music to be found!!

While it could have gone more smoothly or more in line with the original plan, we have to give credit where credit is due, to the folks who made the whole process the success that it was:

Nathan and Daniel, two awesome dudes who are also really hot – you know we literally could not have done this without you being willing to drop everything to be there for us to get the truck, get it loaded, deliver goods to various and sundry locations, hiking up and down multiple flights of stairs with various amounts of furnishings and equipment that probably weren’t absolutely necessary except to us… we love you without reservation.  Words cannot convey what we owe you (maybe multiple giftings of chocolate might make a dent in it tho?)…

Mitch Chamberlain and Gladhander – your thank you gift gave us the reason to drag ourselves out of our holes for three mornings in a row after 20 hour days of packing/scrubbing/lifting/carrying/moving boxes and boxes and more boxes and everything else – you guys are AWESOME and we can’t wait to see you at your next gig!

Kelly Asay, Nancy Glass, and the rest of the EDN crew – your wholehearted support and encouragement (and humor in spite of everything repeatedly going wrong) gave us light and hope that somewhere at the end of this tunnel was indeed a light shining (that wasn’t an oncoming train, right?!) – thank you!

To all the fans and followers of TCC – you all have been such a blessing, we have missed you soooooo much and cannot wait to see you all again, to trade hugs and punches and insults (always hopefully more of the former and less of the latter tho!)…

And, last but absolutely not least, to Jeanice and Victoria, TCC’s current photographer and future editor/columnist – you guys put up with so much and were still so there – how do I say thank you for what would not even exist without your presence?  You were in the front lines taking the damage with me and I never heard a word of complaint (but maybe I was just too numb to hear it at that point).  This column would be nothing more than a crazed critic’s mumbling  if it weren’t for you… I love you.

See you all SOON – start sending your dates because we have a lot of catching up to do!!!

from the eyrie, this is Laurel signing off… for now   =)


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