Blue Lotus CD Release Party!! (w/Jonezer, Sam Bond’s Garage, August 11, 2011)

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Eugene Band Reviews
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Expecting to have to make yet another drive to Sea-Tac on Saturday morning (which actually didn’t end up happening), we opted to accept an invitation from this local Eugene band to attend their CD release party on Thursday night at Sam Bond’s Garage (who needs sleep, right?!).  I can tell you it was a show worth losing sleep over, we wouldn’t have missed it!

Opening – Jonezer (no info available online)


Wish I knew who these guys were, they were an excellent fusion band, very talented with smooth grooves.  I of course noticed the keyboards, as the key changes were made seamlessly with the lead-rhythm guitar following.  The sax was spot on, running alongside.  Drums were solid and steady with bass completing the sound.  They put on a great set to open for Blue Lotus – if anyone can send me info on this group I would appreciate it!  We were a bunch of bohemians in Whiteaker taking it all in – awesome!!  (Photographer Jeanice Marvel had a blast with these guys, taking lots of photos in b/w – especially love the one with the chess board in the foreground!)  Again, if anyone can send me info on this band that would be great – thanks!

Blue Lotus (Peter Bauer / drums, Brandelyn Rose / rhythm guitar/vocals, Felix Blades / lead guitar/vocals, Matt ??? / keys, Ben Bosse / bass, Peter Allan / aux percussion)


With a packed house for a Thursday night, this Eugene band had their work cut out for them.  I had a sneak peak/listen from their webpages and knew we were in for a few surprises.  First, you have to know that Brandelyn reminds me of Janis Joplin in looks and sounds completely like Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders.  Put that together with music that sounds like the Dead, and you have a party wherever they are playing.  Couple that with Felix, a 15-year phenomenon on lead guitar, and that just starts the outline of the picture of this group.  Ben’s bass was snapping, with Peter B.’s drums and the second Peter on bongos.  Matt’s keys (can’t find any info for him online either) were awesome, and Brande’s rhythm guitar was silky smooth.  It was a helluva party!  Felix’ lead guitar riffs run from weeping to wailing, sweeping and soaring along and taking the audience with him for the ride.  As their bio says, “The band’s original tunes are directly inspired by the cosmos and visions from the beyond. All lyrics and music are composed by Rose through a process of meditation and divine inspiration. Rose then collaborates with 15 year old guitar virtuoso Blades to create danceable, dynamic melodies.”  It was a lot of fun, as Matt and Felix would bounce back and forth on riffs between the keys and the lead guitar riffs.  It’s hard to believe these guys have only been together for about half a year!  They have a lot of local shows coming up, including one in September at Ninkasi Brewing – follow them on Facebook and ReverbNation so stay tuned (you know you really wanna!!).

  1. Blue Lotus says:

    Thank you for the beautiful write up, we thoroughly enjoyed playing!!!!!

  2. drew christiansen says:

    Hey, this is Jonezer. Thanks so much for the positive review! I am presently updating our facebook and myspace (i.e. redo) since we’ve changed the name from “Joneser” to “Jonezer”. The ‘Z’ just seems to do it for us.

    Long story short: we’ve been together about two months. The line-up has had some flux to it, but at present it is Drew Christiansen (guitar), Josh Chang (bass), Adam Zukaitis (keys), Scott Mitchell (Sax), and Carlito Sway (drums). We largely met through the Thursday night funk jam at Diablos, where Josh and I (Drew) are part of the houseband. Despite the obvious jazz leanings we possess, we’ve settled on a bigger focus on funk, grooves, and polyrhythms, while decorating that with the extensive vocabulary of jazz.

    I will send links when we get our Facespace world together!

    thanks again for the writeup!
    Drew (Jonezer)

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