Attitude CHECK! IB6-UB9 w/Eastman Band, August 6, 2011 @ Diablo’s (Eugene, Oregon)

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Eugene Band Reviews
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It has been awhile since we saw IB6-UB9, when they were in the 2011 Last Band Standing competition, but we were definitely looking forward to seeing them again – their energy and talent is so amazing – and coupled with Eastman Band, this was a show not to miss!  It was also the first time we had a chance to hear a full set from the IB6 guys, and even tho we had just come off of a road trip to/from Eugene and Sea-Tac that started at 3:30am this morning, we just had to be there!

And what a different energy the club had tonight – there was a wedding reception just before the show started (Mr. and Mrs. Jones – how appropriate, right?!) and whatever the basement had going on was subdued and non-intrusive, so we were able to enjoy the absolute joie-de-vivre (oui, je parle en francais – en pue!) of both of these bands – we were ready to be rock-n-rolled!

IB6-UB9 (Shane Thornton-vocals; Tim Potter-guitar; Rod Meckle-bass; Shane Thomas-  drums)


The folks in support of local live music had a full plate tonight, with the Whiteaker Block Party underway as well as the Boot Fest 4 at the WoW Hall, yet there were lots of folks in attendance at Diablo’s to see these guys and they put on a helluva show, I’m telling you!  As front man Shane Thornton says it best, “we are the sweatiest band in town!” – I doubt there has been any kind of measurement on that, but if there has been these guys would be front runners, no doubt!  They work their a$$es off for the audience in a no-holds-barred, free-for-all celebration of all that is seriously rock!

Working around and through the sound system challenges, Shane still delivers his vocals with a unique blend of brash brazen balls-to-the-walls fervor – there is nothing missing in his delivery, trust me.  Tim’s lead guitar riffs are hot and heavy and Shane does a pretty damned good job of running rhythm guitar as well.  Shane Thomas’ drums are solid walls of sound, with Rod’s bass pounding hard and smooth – makes you wanna get out on that floor and dance, which a lot of folks definitely did!  These guys are always so much fun to see, they are loud and with so much energy you can’t imagine it is only four guys creating this much music – they play to and with the audience which is an absolute pleasure.  They even pulled Ted Jones (from the recent wedding party) to cover Bon Jovi’s “Dead Or Alive,”  and their cover of Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know” was excellent – I think I may like Shane’s vocals better!

And let us not forget to mention the man himself, resplendent as always in black Stetson and boots, as he belted out “Papa Spank” like he knew something we wished we knew!  Rod’s bass riffs on that particular song just rip, with Tim’s lead guitar running rampant through the piece.  I’ll always love “On a Good Night” which was pulled from the Ex-Piracy archives and given the UB6 flourish.    I also loved their premier of “Upside The Wall” and “Say My Name” (which of course I’d heard at the LBS competition) are off their forthcoming album tentatively titled  “Devil Horns and Angel Wings,” and the dance floor was packed as they started their cover of  Ram Jam’s  “Black Betty.”  As they closed their set with “Death Rocker” I have to agree with Shane – this is definitely one of (if not THE) sweatiest bands in town.  If you haven’t seen these guys I feel so sorry for you…  Find these guys on the net, but catch them live if you dare… you won’t ever be the same!

  (old video but still fun!)

Eastman Band (John Eastman – vocals, guitar; Jimmy  Cuelar – bass, vocals; Terry Brewer – drums)


I won’t give you a huge write up on this band, I’ve covered them before (and before that) – but the fact that we keep coming out to see these guys live any chance we get should tell you something….  and while we were hoping to catch their newest premier single “Caged” (which they didn’t play, unfortunately), we were still awestruck as always by these guys… and it was so cool that Shane Thornton stuck around to catch the first part of the set, rocking out to “Facebook Friend” with the rest of the audience as he tipped his hat (too fun!) stage center – folks were on the floor dancing and grooving of course!  What can I say about these guys that I haven’t already said before – they sound so much bigger than just the three individual members here, John’s guitars were bright and focused, with Terry solid as always on drums and Jim’s bass an amazing foundation – I love this band and will continue to follow them as they expand and become even more themselves!

          It was so cool that they did a second set featuring John on 12-string guitar, opening with “Smile” (at photographer Jeanice’s request primarily), followed by the premier of “When We Were Alright” and “Don’t  Say No” – more awesome material from an awesome band – you definitely want to put them on your calendar when they play live again!

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