The Club Circuit hits Goodfellas for Eastman Band, July 8, 2011

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Eugene Band Reviews, Spotlight
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Friday night found TCC (minus photographer Jeanice Marvel, who wasn’t feeling well) in Springfield for our first visit to Goodfellas.  You know we’ve done several columns on the Eastman Band, this amazing Springfield band, and I was fully prepared to simply sit and enjoy the show, but with this first opportunity to see the band playing without sharing the bill, we got three full sets of amazing music, including several covers and a lot of material they’ve had shelved since the Last Band Standing.  This was a special night for them as well, celebrating their fans that made them the winners of LBS, it was also founder John Eastman’s daughter Nicole’s birthday party – so it was a pretty wild night!

(pictures from previous Goodfellas show, 08/24/10)


Their covers of U2’s “New Year’s Day” and Coldplay’s “Clocks” were amazing, not just an attempt to replay the same song the same way (as most covers are done), they made them their own – this wasn’t John Eastman doing Bono or Chris Martin.  I still wished I was doing the keyboards instead of the ‘puter tho!  Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” was way too much fun, and of course  Cat Steven’s “Cats In The Cradle” was dedicated to Nicole for her 26th birthday, with  guest singer “Big Rod” (yes, Jimmy, I made a note of that) making a special appearance.  Their cover of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” was turned into a medley with their original “You Outta Know” that put a new spin on an old classic.

Aside from the fun covers, hearing various versions of some faves was awesome – John pulled out his 12-string in their second set for the originals of “Smile” (which Jeanice asked them to play even tho she wasn’t there!) and “Tell Me Now” which just blew me away – never heard those two songs live before.  This much talent should be more noticed – where are the world’s eyes and ears, anyways?!!  And getting to hear a completely different version in the hard rock third set of “Tell Me Now” was, from a purely technical view, interesting to contrast in a single show.  Don’t ask me to pick a fave version – I love them both!

(and by the way, Jimmy, the comment I was making on my notes as Nicole figured out how to work the projector screen switch to make it lower in the middle of one of your songs while we were all sitting there going WTF?!!, was “The third set kicked ass!!”) – ::grins::  I actually wasn’t going to mention that until you made a point of it!!)

Here’s a video of their previous visit to Goodfellas, you can see their awesome light and sound set up, and hear some amazing rock:

I had to leave at 1:30am, I’m sure they did at least one more set but I had to get home and get at least a couple hours of sleep before kids and all called me to duty – and yet more shows to review for a Saturday!  It is always amazing to see these guys live – I’ll keep you posted on their upcoming shows, but you can find them on ReverbNation, Facebook, Myspace, and a zillion other pages – if you haven’t ever seen them, you have absolutely missed the essential rock band – just saying…

Spotlight – Goodfellas (117 South 14th Street, Springfield, OR).

Under the new ownership of Kevin and Teresa Powell, this club is deceptively tame at first glance.  If you walk in the nondescript front door (off 14th Street), this looks like another normal bar, with several pool tables available, and ample comfy seating with cozy tables just waiting to be claimed.  Weaving my way through the tables, I was greeted by friendly staff behind the bar and introduced to new owner, Teresa Powell, who was happy to see me and chatted for several minutes while deftly directing staff to their various duties.  Turning to my right, I saw a whole ‘nother side of the club – yet more tables, opening onto an ample wood dance floor and a HUGE stage.  With a nice outdoor patio for those of us dragons who still find it a pleasure to smoke coming off the left side of the stage, this venue could easily seat upwards of 200 patrons comfortably.  They have breakfast starting at 7am M-Sat (8am Sun) and lunch menus, with dinner menu items available after 3pm, and a full bar selection of course.  This is a perfect venue for live music, with a sweet house sound system and lights.  You can find more info on their Facebook page here:!/goodfellaslounge?sk=wall, or  Give them a shout at (541) 726-9815 if you have questions – you know we’ll be making more stops here in the near future!

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