Live Interview with Aeon Now! July 1, 2011

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Eugene Band Interviews (live)

An extremely talented and evocative group of young musicians, Aeon Now! comes from Cottage Grove, and features Olive Delsol (accordion, vocals), Moriah West (drums, vocals), Hannah Brown (washboard, trumpet, vocals), and Aaron Long (trombone, saw).   We had a round-table discussion prior to them hitting the stage, and found out some very interesting things!

Olive and Hannah met originally in Minneapolis in the theater, and while the band has only been together for about 2 years, you wouldn’t know it to hear and see them.  As front woman for the group, Olive provides a lot of the energy and most of the musical inspiration for their “dreampunk caberet” performance, but each of the members contributes a significant portion to the whole.  Olive has always been a musical theatre performer, starting from when she was quite young.  As well, she had a considerable background in a lot of instruments, including flute, guitar, bass, and the cello (with a brief – and not entirely successful – attempt at the viola, not her fave!).  She has only been working with the accordion for about 3 years, but is definitely a master of the gypsy/folk squeezebox.  Originally hailing from Minneapolis, Olive now calls Oregon home.

Hannah also comes from Minneapolis, and has an extensive musical background, focusing on the trumpet while in high school.  She has only recently taken up the washboard, having played for about four months now, but plays it like they belong together.  She appears to be the shy and introspective member of the band, with her hair in braids and quiet demeanor, but I suspect that may be part of the show!

Moriah, as the sole native Oregonian of the group, has been playing percussion in its various forms for several years.  As she puts it, she’ll bang on whatever is handy – trash cans, spoons, buckets, what have you.  When Olive suggested trying a dumpster, Moriah’s immediate and enthusiastic response was a resounding, “YES!”  She also has a considerable background in musical theatre, and shares playing the washboard with Hannah in her history.  She also contributes the majority of the lyrical content for the group’s songs.

Aaron, as the current sole male representative of the group, comes originally from Pennsylvania, and has been playing the trombone for 36 years – as he puts it, longer than the rest of the members’ combined years playing.  Most of the horn arrangements for the group’s pieces come from his considerable experience.

They have one album out currently, “Timeless Outlaws,” and are working on a new one as well.  If they could open for any group, the girls answered they would want to share the stage with Yard Dogs Road Show.  Aaron shouted, “Ween!”  and the rest of the band allowed as that might be alright too.

When I asked them what they would want to tell TCC’s readers, the response was instant:  “Passion is the most important part of life – do what you love!”

You can find Aeon Now! here:


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