Out Of Bounds – Taj Majal Trio at Roseburg’s 2011 Music On The Half Shell

Posted: June 22, 2011 in OUT OF BOUNDS!, Spotlight
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Taj Mahal Trio, Roseburg, OR June 21, 2011

Who wouldn’t grab the chance to see the legendary Taj Mahal performing at a FREE live concert in a beautiful, outdoor venue?!  Evidently, no one in Douglas County – I think every resident of Roseburg and its surrounding towns was there for the opening of Roseburg’s 2011 Music On The Half Shell, held at Nichols Bandshell in Stewart Park.

The park was filled to overflowing with folks ready to move and groove to the smooth sounds of this amazing trio.  It was a wonderful concert, so much so that Victoria (TCC editor/columnist in training) said, “I don’t usually like jazz music – but I really like these guys.  This music doesn’t remind me of elevator music!” (hey, she’s 14 years old, what can I say?!).

Taj Mahal Trio, Roseburg, OR June 21, 2011

TCC photographer Jeanice added, “If this music was playing, I’d be more inclined to get into an elevator!” (she abhors elevators, being more than slightly claustrophobic)  If I was one of these musicians, I’m not sure I would have taken those comments as complimentary at face value, but knowing the intended spirit, this was high praise indeed!

The crowd loved them so much they called for an encore, which the group was happy to give them – with the perfect weather, the river park and folks genuinely happy to be there, it was an all around great event.

Of course, I had to put in a plug for our local bands at this Out Of Bounds! event – so I made sure everyone there got a glimpse of one of Eugene’s most recently notable groups…

Eugene Bands REPRESENT!!

yep, that’s me sporting an Eastman Band t-shirt!!  3 generations of Lane County music fans are pictured – Laurel (TCC editor/columnist), Victoria (Laurel’s 14 yr old daughter), and Joshua (TCC photographer Jeanice’s son, 3 yrs old).  You can catch the Eastman Band live (with 3 Guys That Paint and Dave & Confused) on July 2 at The Black Forest – you know we’ll be there!


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