Interview with Caleb and Bryan of Slow Children, May 20, 2011

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Eugene Band Interviews (live)

Members:  Caleb Moffit (vocals/bass), Kevin Hutman (drums), Bryan Bacci (guitars)

Slow Children

I also got a chance to chat briefly with Caleb and Bryan (Kevin joined later – with video camera!) from Slow Children prior to the LBS show on May 20.  This trio from Brookings, Oregon has been playing together since they were kids (hence the name – they aren’t sure if they’ve actually outgrown it at this point!).  I asked them how they would describe their music, and that generated some serious discussion between the two of them.  They finally decided it would best be called alt/”kush” rock / stoner rock / reggae – I’m not sure that completely captures them, but you get the idea.

After spending several years in Las Vegas, they decided it was time to come back home to Oregon (a good thing for us!). While they have played some local gigs (usually at Luckey’s), they are still relatively unknown in the area.  That is about to change!

I asked them the mandatory “So why are you here tonight?” and the consensus was primarily name value – they want as much local exposure as possible.  I get the impression that, while they didn’t mind the weather in LV necessarily, they kinda regret leaving Oregon and just want to make it up to us.  =)

When I asked them for a closing statement, something they would want readers to remember this interview by, several statements were proposed (and summarily rejected).  The guys finally decided on, “If you’re gonna do it, do it balls to the walls!”  Indeed…!


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