Interview with Blake Hoshibata and Tom Wade of Longshots – May 20, 2011

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Eugene Band Interviews (live)

Members: Shane Connor, Eric Johnson, Blake Hoshibata, Tom Wade, Justin Canfield, Ben Hampton (not shown in this order on photo below)

I caught these guys during set up prior to their performance at Week Eight’s Last Band Standing (John Henry’s) and had a chance to ask them a few questions.  The line-up they show online is current, with the exception that Justin Canfield couldn’t be at the show tonight.  Johnna Threlkeld (alto sax) and Raimey Hoff (tenor sax) did an outstanding job of filling in tho!

Longshots is a ska-rock band based out of Eugene, with an EP coming soon (in post-production now).  They have played some local venues (Diablo’s, Astoria, and Goodfellas, with a core group doing some shows at the Speakeasy and of course the Black Forest).  Their goal for tonight’s show (besides the obvious one of getting to the semi-finals) is to just get more local exposure.

When I asked them for their final comment would be for all reading this, Blake exclaimed, “Ska is back, Eugene – come out and listen!”  You definitely want to follow his advice!


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