Forever Growing – Live Interview May 18, 2011 (Eugene, OR)

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Eugene Band Interviews (live)

I had a chance to meet with the guys from Forever Growing at their current digs in the Friendly District of Eugene – the following is an overview of the interview (I’ll transcribe the actual interview soon).  The complete audio recording of the interview can be found here:

Andrew Becker - Forever Growing

Forever Growing (FG) is currently a duo comprised of Andrew Becker (guitar and samples) and Adam Sweet (acoustic drum set and electronic drum pad).  Originally created in Corvallis in 2006, Andrew played guitars with another bass player and drummer.  As the band went through various bass and drum members transitions, he met Adam in the UofO Big Band and immediately hit it off, so he joined up.  Eventually the most recent bass player left to pursue other interests so the band is currently in its two-member form.  They have toured in this current line-up throughout the western US, as well as performing live in several local Eugene venues. They will also be starting a new 2011 tour in the near future that will go all the way to the East Coast before returning to Oregon.

Adam Sweet - Forever Growing

In addition, they have a couple studio albums available, “The Definition” released in 2008, and the most recently released “The Device” which was recorded in the Spring of 2010 (prior to the current duo line-up).  A new studio album featuring just the two of them is also in the works.  Check their myspace, Facebook, or homepage at to listen and buy their currently available music.   =)

With both members having solid roots in classical and modern jazz, they call themselves a “trance” band as they have incorporated more dance-style influences into their jazz foundation. They both have several music heroes and if they had the chance, they’d love to open for Medeski Martin and Wood (I have a “best of” CD from 1996 of theirs!) .

Of course they love playing music, with or without an audience, but their absolute joy is when folks get out on the floor and start moving with them.  They have a considerable fan base here in the Eugene area and are looking forward to the Last Band Standing show this Friday, May 20, 2011 at John Henry’s in downtown Eugene.  Those who know and love them should plan to be there to put in their votes!


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