On “screamo” as a genre…

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Editor's Notes
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So, we already know I don’t “do” screamo. For me, music is at LEAST half about the vocals – I want to hear (and understand) the story. I also want to hear the melody weave in and out and through the music. Screamo allows for neither. If was any other kind of vocals and did the same thing, I wouldn’t like it for the same reason(s).

Lest we end on such a negative note, I should mention that I actually like several “screamo” bands in spite of their use of this type of vocal styling, most notably early Linkin Park or Stone Sour/Slipknot.  I listen to the lyrics (which are easily discernable) and they don’t use that solely through the entire song.  If anyone can point me to a successful major-label band/recording artist that uses screamo exclusively I’ll recant.  =)

End of rant.

  1. adam says:

    well screamo is a genre of “all” screaming. if there’s only a few spots where there is screaming, its not considered screamo. also there is melody woven through and understood lyrics. it just takes someone that likes the music to understand it.

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